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What is your housing medium?

What is your housing medium?

 My medium is , old and new pieces. Because I prefer to be, unique and express, my own personal style. I find it more relaxing.

So have you decided what new pieces to buy? My top recommendation is, a mattress and pillows, which are a must. I’ll pass on bedbugs. How about you?

 ( I do not own this picture)

Inspect all of your buys for chips, Tares, and cracks.  Are the legs to the chairs connecting well, and is it repairable? 

 Is your awesome furniture find on sale elsewhere?  Vintage is a one of a kind, so pounce on it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The chances of finding that 1 again,  is going to be a long wait, if ever.

 Are you in love with your purchase? Your piece should bring you joy. 

Things to consider when you are shopping. 

– reupholstering and refinishing.

– check trending colors for your fabrics and chalk paint. 

–  use a good furniture and cabinetry cleaner. Such as Amy Howard’s through a makers studio.  It will wash away dirt, wax, or oil, and grime from furniture and cabinets. Don’t skip this step at all, helps you have a flawless look. 

–  consider a good gel stain in varying colors for a good finish. 

– and don’t forget you can follow Amy Howard‘s lead. And chalk paint, then use a medium or light wax, which is mixable with mica powder, to bring out that vintage look. Mica powder shimmers. When a matte look? Use a dark wax. 

–  don’t be afraid to Google. And checking out furniture books and how to use at the library Is a must. That’s actually how I got started.

-The featured photo is of a 1934 Design Registered peice. One of my awesome finds.   What’s your favorite find? 

 I hope you have found this helpful. Stay beautiful as always ! 

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I left And went to…

I left And went to…

There’s nothing wrong with the last company. I just found something I like better, and I feel I would do better with. Only pre-orders are being taken at this time.

Stella and Dot OFFER for my 3G Followers!

A business page is currently set up on Facebook: @CreativelyEnVogue

Within the next two weeks my website will be completely up and I will be able to share the link. In the meantime I would like you to enjoy browsing through our catalog…

Makers Catalog- To order VISIT my FB Business Page @CreativelyEnvogue

What I love about this company is, that I get an education, as well as a product. And I can’t wait, until I start bringing videos to you. Do you like to DIY too?

If you’re going to have a new DIY in your house why not have some of the most awesome Crystal from Waterford in it too!

Stay Beautiful!


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Micro-vacation VS Stay-cation

Let’s face it with today’s economy being the way that it is. It’s getting harder and harder to get away for a little while. So I decided to take a look at a few things. And you’ll never guess what I discovered.

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It’s getting harder to get good paying jobs, to put food on our table, pay our rent and our bills. People cannot afford to go on vacation, like we used to. So more and more people are taking micro vacations, where they go away for the weekend, by finding cheap flights. Or they’re doing what I do, they’re taking a day trip. Sometimes you just need that for a life perspective, reset.

So I’m curious. What is your preference? Are you going to be one of the people taking a micro vacation, or a day trip?

I haven’t been writing as much because, I am getting ready to move, in the next couple of months. I am also still running my business at the same time. (Creative Life-DIY) I want to thank everyone, that has been following me for so long. You are awesome! I hope that your new year was fantastic and all that you hoped for.

Stay beautiful,


Snow the Wonder Dog,

And Xena the Warrior Kitty.